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Serious Fun Associates

About Paul Duba

I help you and your group come together through play. We start with a few simple rules: 1) We’re always better together, 2) It’s OK to ask for help, and 3) creativity starts when we stop taking ourselves so seriously!  

From improv, to team initiatives that will have you scratching your head, this is serious fun! Are you an extended family that wants better connections to each other? Are you with a group that wants to explore how you respond to novel problem solving? You’ll learn that curiosity and “not knowing” is part of the creative process, one that unlocks your intuition. You won’t believe the results you get!

When I’m not taking teams into this learning zone, I’m a guerilla gardener, nature lover, and booster for living well by doing good here in the valley. 


ABout Anthony PoPoni (Canadian users please visit my “Aboot” page, ok eh?)  

I’m a little off—but in a good way. The lens through which I view life may be slightly cracked and warped, but it sure is funny at least to me. I have a passion for laughter, life, community, connections and philanthropy and it shows in my career, words and yes, antics. I’ve been called the “unofficial mayor of Gunnison” and love being part of the social fabric of this big slice of paradise. I’m social glue, a tacky tackifier of sorts and oh-so-cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

On a given day of play you’ll find me emceeing, DJ’ing, or outdoors on [frozen] water Nordic skiing with my dogs “Pancho” and “Sherlock Homeslice”, snowboarding [poorly], or playing hockey [poorly] and when the water melts I’ll be rafting [flipping] and fishing [it’s not called catching for a reason], on my motorcycle, hiking or mountain biking. I don’t take things too seriously but I do take humor very seriously—laughter is my passion.