Point-B's mission is to help people work better, together. I coach and educate for exceptional results at the intersection of leadership and teamwork. As a Newfield Network Certified Coach (NCC) I support my clients as they explore the focus, persistence, and inspiration necessary to change their perspective of what is possible. As an educator I enable my clients to understand how effective leadership must create both common cause and a sense of identity for a group to commit to becoming a team. As a master of experiential methods I use a learning laboratory to illustrate and highlight modern theories of leadership and teamwork.

From technical to adaptive problem solving, from mission to vision, from forming to storming, norming, and performing, I help my clients feel what it's like to face difficult challenges, where their current way of "knowing what to do" is often part of the problem they have. I can help you understand that trying harder and attempting to summon more will power are not always what stand between you and your goals. My teaching helps you see that your assumptions about how things work—that enable you to take action—may be part of the problem. Hands-on learning allows you and your team to be transformed by a problem, in effect, allowing the problem to solve you by forcing you to explore new perspectives. Working on real problems that don't have easy answers allows you to practice vulnerability, creativity, and leaps of intuition. You and your team will never be the same again.

With over 20 years of experience in organizational development, I work with private coaching clients, leaders from business and industry, public sector institutions, and teams from military, nonprofit, and post-graduate organizations. 

Paul Duba, NCC, ACC, MPA

Principal and Owner

Tel: (609) 575-3545
Email: info@point-be.net
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