The Do-Be Model for Leadership and Teamwork

Paul Duba published the Do-Be Model℠ for Leadership and Teamwork in 2011 and has since used it to help leaders understand teamwork at the edge, what those that follow need in order to work better, together, in the face of problems that don't have easy answers. This highly coachable model brings out the best in teams by helping them clarify and align around a compelling sense of purpose, hold a collective vision for a desired future state, and most importantly, foster a work culture that is both container and incubator for growth. This model helps leaders recognize the overarching need to mobilize distinct leadership functions for different types of problems. A deep understanding of this model allows leaders (and teams) to diagnose the steps they can take to not only get the results they want but to reach beyond what they thought was possible.

Contact Paul for an in-depth look at how this model can help you and your team. When more of the same is no longer an option, the Do-Be Model℠ cracks the code for leading teams in curiosity, creativity, and innovation.