Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand
— Confucius circa 450 BC

Experiential Education

Problem-solving scenarios, role-plays and simulations take academic concepts and ground them in hands-on activities that are transferable to the workplace. This "play with a purpose" helps our clients gain exceptional insight into key leadership concepts such as: making decisions in ambiguous circumstances, holding to a clear vision, aligning team values, collaborating for common interests, and sustaining organizational culture.

High-ropes course challenges take participants out of their comfort zone, providing them the opportunity to take risks, develop trust, gain empathy, and perform at the edge of what they believe is possible.  In the process, team members develop support systems and behaviors that inform personal and professional behaviors in the workplace.

Values clarification in a group setting gives participants the opportunity to give voice to truth and share the experience of finding common cause and clarifying a sense of purpose.

Celebrations, rituals and traditions are a powerful dimension of experiential learning. Team members develop strong commitments to one another when their identity is grounded in shared values and reflected in group behaviors.