Leadership at the Edge: Advanced Skills for
Collaboration and Innovation

Western State Colorado University Extended Studies

Fall 2019 Listing: ROE 510 (one graduate-level credit, suitable for K-12 licensure renewal)

Course Overview: Leadership is a practice that requires the courage to ask others to imagine a different future with you. Sometimes the future is easy, a matter of making steady progress toward reliable results through practiced execution. At other times, leadership helps people take the risk of committing to a path of discovery, an invitation for others to join with you in creativity and innovation, where curiosity and being “OK not knowing” are important steps along the way to new knowing. Leadership at the Edge is a course for those who want to understand this road less travelled, what leaders do (and teams need) to enable collaborative synergy in others. This course will help you demystify leadership as a practice that leads to “magical” outcomes, enabling you to more reliably help your team unlock their ambition with ideas that are ready to come to light.

Target Audience: This is an advanced leadership curriculum for leaders in business, industry, banking, hospitality, education, civic, and non-profit organizations. From newly promoted managers to established leaders, this highly interactive class will help you understand and expand your reach as a leader.

This course teaches:

  • What enables teams to persist in the hard work of collaboration and innovation

  • How to expand your leadership reach, turning tough problems into opportunities

  • A practice of leadership that holds space for vulnerability, trust, and risk taking

  • How to project influence without authority

Where and When: Class will take place over four Thursdays in the fall of 2019 at the IceLab on Western Colorado University’s campus in Gunnison.

  • Pre-course, Wednesday October 16, 6-9.

  • Main course, four Thursdays: October 17, 24, & 31; November 7

  • Class meets at the IceLab, Escalante Drive

Cost: $170 for the course, an additional $125 for one graduate-level credit through Western State Colorado University.

  • Contact Paul Duba for more information, pduba@point-be.net, 609-575-3545.

  • Or, inquire at the Western State Colorado University Extended Studies Program office, 970-943-2885.