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Paul Duba was one of the best coaches/leaders I've worked with. As a student at Wharton, I was lucky enough to go on a hiking venture with Paul and even more fortunate to get to be his main mentee when it came to leading a team. He taught me how to lead from behind and empower my team in a time when it would have been easy to try to take over the reins. He helped me to be introspective and think through things that mattered to me, the commitments I wanted to make and to be open minded to new ways of thinking and leading.

D.O., McKinsey & Company

I can tell you my time with Paul was one of my best professional experiences. It was challenging, transformational work. I experienced significant, meaningful growth as a leader in my organization and field in that nine-month period that resulted in lots of tangible and intangible outcomes that I would love to share with you. I highly recommend engaging in the coaching process, especially if you are ready to take a next step in your career or are struggling with concerns that hold you back from being as successful as you want to be.

~ J.S.R., Non-Profit COO

My brain knew that I had to step away from a job of 30+ years and move on, but I was afraid that, emotionally, I'd have a need to stay - which would result in outlasting my usefulness there.  There were other things I passionately wanted to do - but used my job as the excuse for not doing.  Paul worked with me over several months. He asked me to address some hard questions, and provided some really valuable mental models for re-thinking my place in the world.  I can say that my heart caught up to my brain, and I was able to step away from the job without looking back.  I'm engaged in some new and exciting part-time work, and have time for writing, as well, which I have been doing.  Thank you, Paul Duba!

~  M.G., Community and Arts Educator

I participated in an Outward Bound (OB) deployed veteran’s retreat where Paul was the chief facilitator. Those were five of the most powerful days of my life. His expertise in every imaginable outdoor skill was surpassed only by his ability to draw out issues specifically relevant to the people in our group. Paul created an atmosphere where we were comfortable vocalizing issues that had previously been locked tightly away. Several years later I still draw upon my OB experience with Paul for strength and comfort. Never have I met a person so perfectly suited for his vocation.

~ B.C., Chief Petty Officer, US Navy, Ret.

I have worked with Paul Duba in various capacities over the last 8 years as a hired facilitator, presenter, experiential education leader and coach. Paul has a gift for working with both experienced and aspiring leaders. He is well-versed in the leadership literature and his own experience as a public servant informs his preparation, delivery and facilitation. He applies his experience with building and strengthening teams to individual needs. He is a supportive, knowledgeable, and heartfelt coach. I highly recommend him to organizations as well as individuals.

~ M.E., Denver Community Leadership Forum

Paul provided coaching to me that resulted in supporting me to identify the potential that already existed inside of me. My work with him enabled an important career move into the private sector. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for ways to broaden your perspective of what is possible both personally and professionally. I found it to be a truly amazing journey and worth my investment!

~ J.S., Director Government IT Consulting Firm